Hailing from Dahlonega, Georgia, country singer and songwriter Jobe Fortner’s musical roots run deep. Jobe grew up singing hymns in a church alongside his family.“You didn’t have to be good, and it didn’t matter if you were bad. I think everyone would just feel the environment, room, music, and love… that’s really what translates directly to what I do today!” Jobe’s family moved to Monroe, GA and music were replaced with football. Music returned to Jobe’s life in high school when he picked up a guitar and began learning from his English teacher. However, at that point, it was just a hobby. Jobe spent most of his life chasing his dream of playing football, and that led him to Emory and Henry College in Virginia where he would ultimately realize that music was his true calling. Jobe spent time learning his craft in his dorm room and playing small shows everywhere and anywhere he could. It wasn’t long before Jobe caught the attention of Bradley Jordan (Peachtree Entertainment). Jordan heard him sing “Georgia” and immediately put him on a show with Luke Combs. Shortly after that first Combs’ show, Jobe began to tour with him, opening for his shows every weekend. Not only was Jobe learning from Luke but from band members venue owners and so on learning the ends and outs of the industry. After a couple of months of touring with luke, it was time to make the next move. Jobe moved to Nashville in February 2016 to start to make a name for himself.

His debut self-titled EP was released in early 2018 and sparked a different level of buzz for Fortner. It garnered the attention of other national acts and led to opening gigs with Frankie Ballard, Riley Green, Toby Keith, Cadillac Three, Whiskey Myers, Cody Johnson, The Steel Woods, Dwight Yoakam and also led to more shows with Luke Combs.

Jobe’s sound crosses over extremely well from Southern Rock all the way to some modern country influence. It blends all his aspects of his gospel roots, to his country upbringing and his time on the road. With so many landmarks and accomplishments so far it is easy to lose sight that Jobe's career is just getting started.